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how to prevent fading on your car’s paint this summer?

The outside of your car is exposed to the elements, which means that it will start to show signs of fading after just a few months of use. If left unattended, the sun’s harmful UV rays and moisture can do a significant amount of damage to your car paint in a short amount of time. Below are 3 of the tips and tricks that you can use to prevent your car paint from fading and keep it looking amazing all year round! Let your affordable auto paint shop do the job.

Try a higher-quality wax!

It’s important to make sure that the finish of your car paint is sealed correctly, which is why it’s vital to use the right kind of wax when applying it. Marketed waxes that have a higher wax & sealant content will help to repel water, dirt, and dust, which is why these can be used to protect and maintain the appearance of your car’s paint. Regular car waxes have a low wax & sealant content, which means that they can’t do as good of a job at keeping your car paint looking great and can often leave behind a glossy finish that can easily be damaged by the sun and moisture. As a result, you may want to opt for higher-quality car waxes that have a wax & sealant content of 30% or more.

Keep your car clean!

One of the surest ways to keep your car looking great from the outside in addition to applying a higher-quality wax is by keeping it clean and free of dust and dirt. A good wax will seal the paint and create a layer that can help to prevent dust, grime, and dirt from damaging your car’s paint. By keeping your car detailed regularly and washing the dirt and dust off your car, you can keep its paint looking new and shiny!

Keep your car waxed!

Your car’s paint will only last longer if it’s maintained properly by getting it waxed at least every three months. Just as importantly, you should use a higher-quality car wax and make sure that you buy high-quality waxes.

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